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Panel: Cost Not A Factor In Selecting Solution Providers

Customers want an IT service provider that has spent time with them and understands their business, not one that just vows to save them cash.

"You guys come to us and say, 'We can save you money,'" said Elisabeth Brooks, an administrator at Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) of Georgia, Tuesday during the Varnex Spring Conference in Atlanta. "But you don't know what I'm spending money on today."

How A Small Market VAR Went From Zero To $4M In Four Years

Every business prioritizes different things. For Wade Danielson, those priorities are focus, market need, sales and hiring.

Danielson is the founder and president of Guardian Network Solutions, a Fort Worth, Texas-based security VAR. After starting the company on his own in 2010, he has grown it to $4 million in revenue in just four years, and is expecting to hit $6.5 million in 2015.

West Monroe: MSPs Should 'Eat Their Own Dog Food'

West Monroe's Nate Ulery

Like many professional services firms, West Monroe Partners struggled with the big challenges facing the IT industry: recruitment and retention, skills shortages and adapting to changing customer demands.

But the Chicago-based firm tried something it says improved its overall end user experience and strengthened its sales team.

Q&A: CXtec's Survival Guide For Resellers

CXtec's Frank Kobuszewski

Staying afloat in the ever changing IT landscape can be difficult for solution providers in the reseller market.

CXtec, the Syracuse, N.Y.-based networking, voice and cable infrastructure solution provider, has been able to survive in the market for over 35 years.

The company recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its flagship brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment, equal2new, which the company says has saved organizations more than $817 million since its inception.

5 Ways To Close Emails To Sales Prospects

Let's face it, a lot of business is done by email these days, from first sales pitches and introductions to final deal closings. And every email can help to move a deal along – or lose it completely.

And yet many business people communicate with prospects and customers via email in ways they wouldn't dream of doing face-to-face. Where a business owner or sales representative would be polite, helpful and eager-to-please in person, emails from those very same people can be brusque and unaccommodating.

7 Reasons To Increase Your Focus On Customer Lifetime Value

Kelly Crothers

How much are your customers worth to your business? One way to find out is to measure Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), an important metric that takes into account the total revenue generated over the lifetime of your relationship with a customer after subtracting all sales and service costs.

When an organization increases CLV, it means that revenue is continuing to be earned after the customer’s initial purchase transaction is made, and that a higher level of business performance has been achieved.