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Carbon Black CEO: Customers Looking For A New Approach To Security

Security used to be a conversation that businesses had only after a breach. However, that spending pattern is starting to shift, Carbon Black CEO Patrick Morley says.

"Today, you see organizations being much more proactive," Morley said in a recent interview at company headquarters in Waltham, Mass. "Everyone has CISOs and boards who are very aware and don't want to (have) breaches. The mandate now is to improve the security posture."

A Solution Provider's Advice To Figuring Out A Mobile World

The explosion of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and even wearables in the workplace has left solution providers struggling to keep up with rapidly changing technology in their client sites.

Cambridge, Ontario-based solution provider Xylotek Solutions is one of many VARs trying to figure out how to fit into the newly developing mobile world. Founded 10 years ago, Xylotek offers services in IT virtualization, backup and disaster recovery, and unified communications.

IT-Marketing: Testing Ground For Better Alignment

About 15 years ago, during my initial stint in the technology media, a seemingly endless parade of IT analysts and studies advocated, reinforced and repeated a key message: Corporate IT organizations and the end users they served needed to get on the same page regarding the use of technology.

Today, while the issues and technologies have changed, that “call to better alignment” has not.

Especially when the subject is corporate marketing initiatives.