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How Solution Providers Can Help Customers Get the Most Out of Unlocked Devices

Smartphones and the BYOD movement have transformed the American workplace over the past decade. They’ve also shaken up the traditional IT channel, with many solution providers still working to realign their business offerings to the needs of the mobile first enterprise.

How to Increase Your Sales Productivity: Five Tips for Solution Providers

According to Salesforce, 68 percent of the average sales rep’s time is spent not selling. Think about that for a moment. If you can reduce downtime and double sales productivity, that’s the equivalent of doubling your salesforce without adding headcount

Flash Memory Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Life moves pretty fast when Moore’s Law is driving things. Computing power has increased exponentially over the past several decades, helping to deliver increased productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. Alongside the regular boosts in processing power we’ve witnessed, advances in memory and storage technologies have made it possible to harness that horsepower to create slim, light, blazing-fast mobile devices, PCs, and servers.

Samsung’s Expanded Windows 10 Pro Portfolio: Built for Speed and Portability

Today’s business customers run a hodgepodge of platforms and OSes – Windows 10, Android, Chrome, Blackberry, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and more. Mobile executives might have a Galaxy S7 phone in their pocket, an iPad in their carry-on bag, and a Lenovo ThinkPad in their check-in luggage. It’s a diversity that’s fueled largely by the increasing complexity of IT operations, the mobility movement, and the ever-more-popular BYOD trend.