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5 IT Investment Priorities Over The Next 2 Years

What technologies will have the biggest impacts on enterprises over the next two years? Based on the results of a recent survey of chief information officers by solution provider Deloitte, much of the attention will turn to analytics and business intelligence; digital tools – such as mobile technology and social media – to drive new revenue, improve collaboration and productivity; and the cloud, to simplify the IT architecture.

CIOs Still Matter In IT Purchasing Decisions

chief information officer, CIO, technology buying, technology purchasing

In the waning days of the 20th century, the acronym for chief information officer - CIO - was mockingly referred to in some quarters as “career is over.”

But despite increasing influence today by non-technology business units on technology buying decisions, some might offer a new acronym: Clout is omnipresent.

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6 Ways Partners Can Make More Money With Dell Networking

Dell wants to boost its market share in networking, setting itself up to battle with the industry’s dominant player, Cisco Systems.

Tom Burns, vice president of Dell Networking and enterprise infrastructure, highlighted a few of the things partners can do to maximize their revenue potential with Dell Networking, which is leading the vendor’s charge.

'MythBusters' Star Adam Savage: How To Bust Security Myths

Adam Savage

Security is full of myths, and MythBusters TV star and scientist Adam Savage took the stage at Intel Security's FOCUS 15 in Las Vegas to help partners answer them.

Since the TV show launched in 2006 on Discovery, Savage and co-host Jamie Hyneman have been busting some of the biggest - and most ridiculous - myths, using science and a little creative engineering. The show has proved extremely popular over its 14 seasons (The current season will be the show's last.) and has been nominated for six Emmy awards.  

Logicalis CEO Plans Sales Overhaul To Focus On Vertical Markets

Partners need to strengthen support for line-of-business (LOB) executives, focus on services rather than technology, and simplify the customer experience to be successful in the years ahead. 

Logicalis CEO Vince DeLuca said his company plans to change 40 to 50 percent of its sales organization within the next three years to make IT more relevant to LOB executives as they assume responsibility for additional technology decisions.

BoB Conference: Don't Miss The Opportunity Right In Front Of You

What do BlackBerry, Blockbuster, Kodak and Smith Corona all have in common?

They all stared massive opportunity in the face, but failed to capitalize on it as they chose to repeat and optimize rather than pivot for the future, said Jeremy Gutsche, founder of Trend Hunter and Tuesday afternoon's evenings keynote speaker at the Best of Breed Conference in Orlando, Fla.

5 Solution Provider Insights For Business-Critical Mobile Apps

Though business executives say they understand that mobile applications are significant in helping drive their companies' digital transformations, many are not well-equipped to manage and deploy mobile apps.

That's according to an Accenture study that surveyed 2,000 senior-level decision makers on their thoughts on application development and the challenges they face with live apps.