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Why Client Training Is Key To Driving Security Sales

Training has proven to be the ticket to success for New Haven, Conn.-based SMB Networks, and now the managed services provider is hoping to extend those wins to its growing security practice.

As SMB Networks transformed from a traditional break fix company in 2006, CEO Peter Verlezza said he quickly found that holding educational seminars for current and prospective clients was a great way to establish his business as a trusted advisor.

A Channel Primer On Public Sector Procurement Co-Ops

State and local governments are adopting enterprise information technology products and services at an increasing rate. In fact, in aggregate the State and Local market eclipses the size of the federal market. But national distributors and resellers are still having a tough time breaking into state and local government markets.

Rackspace CSO: Work Together To Overcome Cloud Security Uncertainty

After joining Rackspace last October, Chief Security Officer Brian Kelly said he sees a big opportunity for cloud providers to step up their approach to security by knitting together physical security, cyber security, risk and compliance and working together with other cloud providers to keep ahead of advanced threats.

Take a look at what he had to say.

How do you view the cloud security market today?

Zinstall EVP Calls Server 2003 A 'Gold Mine' Opportunity

Jake Liftshits

Jake Liftshits is the executive vice president of Zinstall, a Torrance, Calif.-based software manufacturer that specializes in migrating software from one platform to another whether it is servers, desktop platforms or to the cloud.

Of course, Liftshits sees a huge opportunity for not only Zinstall, but especially for MSPs, surrounding Windows Server 2003, the upcoming launch of Windows 10, and the ever-growing migration to cloud.

4 Tips for Selling SaaS Licenses for Easy Recurring Revenue

Running a successful channel organization requires keeping your skills sharpened in all areas of the business. Challenges arise from integrating evolving industry trends like migration to cloud, IoT, BYOD…everything from A to Z! And what about your sales approach? In the post below, Kris Casariego from PGi covers 4 tips on selling SaaS licenses that will take the mystery out of this lucrative approach.

Five Open Source Strategies For Channel Partners

Channel partners are experiencing increased demand for open source solutions, but is it a demand that they are prepared to meet?

Those who answer, “Of course – I know Linux!” may want to reconsider. Open source is much more than Linux. In fact, many of today’s most in-demand and complex technologies, including cloud, virtualization, and middleware solutions, are based on open source software.