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Top 5 Marketing Tech Opportunities For 2016 And Beyond

Marketing and sales will account for 27 percent of IT spending in 2016, far outpacing traditional spending on IT operations. For strategic service providers that are finalizing their lines of sales attack for next year, that number - from a study by TEKsystems - should factor heavily when it comes to what new business opportunities to focus on.

Turn Cyber-Shopping Tips into New IT Security Opportunities

One of the best ways to get the attention of prospective (and even current) customers is by providing them relevant information. Something to improve their business operations or a tip to protect their employees or their information systems. With the ever-increasing number of industry rules and regulatory compliance requirements around data security, the latter has become a key opportunity for

How Big BYOD Liabilities Equal Huge Partner Opportunities

Study offers honest look at how companies are implementing BYOD policies.

BYOD - or Bring Your Own Device policies - is a double-edge sword. It can drive employee satisfaction, giving workers access to their device of choice. But it also presents chief securuity officers with a potential security nightmare that may closely reflect reality. Statistics reveal that more than half (53 percent) of companies have no BYOD policies in place, according to a recent survey by solution provider Champion Solutions Group.

5 Ways To Modernize Your Software Testing Approach

Andrew Storms, software testing

(Andrew Storms, pictured, is vice president of security services at New Context, a San Francisco consultancy that specializes in lean security and helping companies build better software.)

For much of the history of software development, testing was an adjunct process performed within a separate department. Developers wrote code, compiled it, and then turned it over to a separate quality assurance team to test for bugs.