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MSPs: Meet The Cloud Revenue Challenge With Security Services

Art Gross

The cloud has cast a shadow over the business of many MSPs.

The steady stream of revenue from traditional hardware and software upgrades, and licensing for SMB customers threaten to be eclipsed by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, which offer attractive cloud management services that replace the need for an MSPs' cash cow. 

Interactive Apps Supercharge Channel Sales And Marketing

Selling and marketing has become more complex as customers perceive products (and services) to be more commoditized.

This has resulted in an acute need to clearly articulate and communicate differentiated value. Unfortunately, research has shown that traditional sales presentations are not effective in this kind of environment.

Beyond slide presentations, looping videos and brochures, what alternatives do sales and marketing teams have, when it comes to effectively communicating value to the prospect?

Selling Small Businesses On Outsourced IT

Selling small business on outsourced IT.

It seems like small business owners work 24 hours a day. Their priorities? Increasing sales, keeping costs under control, managing staff.

Solution providers can be forgiven for finding it difficult to get the attention of these folks, let alone close deals with them.

However, if you speak their language, and give them a look at the gains they could realize as a result of outsourcing their IT, it could be easier than you think to get them signed up.

Here's How The Channel Can Follow The Data To Bigger Revenue

MaintenanceNet's Jason Huling.

Channel organizations today are placing their bets on the power of data to market and sell smarter, faster and more effectively. But data alone isn’t going to cut it. There’s a science to unlocking data's full potential, and when you master that science, you're able to increase service revenue, strengthen ties with customers and build a better overall service renewals business.

What Exactly Is Data Science?

CompTIA Guide Details How To Transition Sales Team To MSP Model

Building a successful managed services sales organization.

CompTIA released a guide Thursday detailing how VARs can go about building a successful managed services sales organization.

The 18-page Quick Start Guide released by the Downers Grove, Ill.-based IT trade group identifies seven areas solution providers must address to build a strong sales team.

Boost Revenue By Tracking These 8 Service Sales KPIs

MaintenanceNet's Jason Huling

It’s no secret that maintenance contracts and after-market services translate into a big revenue opportunity for manufacturers and their channel partners. The challenge lies in optimizing this recurring revenue stream and addressing 100% of the opportunity.

Lack of proper reporting – not to mention a lack of insight into organizational service sales performance – is one big reason why many organizations fail to increase service revenue.