Selling Small Businesses On Outsourced IT

Selling small business on outsourced IT.
Selling small business on outsourced IT.

It seems like small business owners work 24 hours a day. Their priorities? Increasing sales, keeping costs under control, managing staff.

Solution providers can be forgiven for finding it difficult to get the attention of these folks, let alone close deals with them.

However, if you speak their language, and give them a look at the gains they could realize as a result of outsourcing their IT, it could be easier than you think to get them signed up.

In a recent blog, the folks at Netology Technology Services lay out a few of the selling points you can use to help guide small businesses toward an outsourced solution:

  • Have More Time To Jumpstart That Project
    It’s easier to get more done in less time when a third party handles your IT services. Instead of focusing time on labor-intensive tasks, every staff member can focus solely on their specialty. This advances your company much faster and gives you time to start new projects more often.
  • Change And Evolve With New Technology
    You’re not an IT company, so you shouldn’t have to learn how to manage the latest technology. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to benefit from new advancements. That’s where outsourcing IT services comes in. A knowledgeable vendor passes along benefits of the latest processes without you needing to constantly retrain your staff.
  • Have More Money For New Projects
    New projects require certain resources, not the least of which is money. Outsourcing IT not only gives you access to the same services as having a full, in-house IT department, but it also delivers these services at a fraction of the cost. Reducing labor costs leaves more money for pursuing projects that further your business.
  • Start IT-Related Projects With Ease
    Outsourcing firms have all the resources in place you need to launch IT-related projects as well. Instead of taking weeks or months to hire and train the right team, you can get started right away. If pursuing the project on your own would require major capital investments, such as building distribution centers, you save even more time and money by outsourcing IT services.