Interactive Apps Supercharge Channel Sales And Marketing

Selling and marketing has become more complex as customers perceive products (and services) to be more commoditized.

This has resulted in an acute need to clearly articulate and communicate differentiated value. Unfortunately, research has shown that traditional sales presentations are not effective in this kind of environment.

Beyond slide presentations, looping videos and brochures, what alternatives do sales and marketing teams have, when it comes to effectively communicating value to the prospect?

When channel salespeople and marketers think of engaging with their target prospects, they should be thinking about a wide variety of interactive experiences, both online and offline.

Why? Because interactivity is the best way to ensure that prospects and customers remember important information. When people engage interactively, their knowledge retention increases by a factor of three.

True interactivity is the process of engaging in a dialogue involving three primary dimensions:

1. Sensory: using any combination of touch, visual, audio, smell, and taste.

2. Emotional: developing an emotional response or connection to the experience.

3. Intellectual: the exchange of information that is relevant and useful.

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