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Four Tips For Capturing A Larger Share Of The Disaster Recovery As A Service Market

Industry analysts predict the market for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will grow at an unprecedented rate in the next few years. According to Gartner, Inc., DRaaS spending in the U.S. will increase to $1.2B by 2017. TechNavio echoes this surge, forecasting a compound annual growth rate of nearly 55 percent between now and 2018. The primary driver for this uptick in demand is simple: cost savings.

Morin: Partners Can Lead The Hybrid Cloud Conversation

Lief Morin

Talk to enough solution providers, and a pattern emerges. The industry is trending toward an all-cloud, all off-premises model flush with opportunity for recurring revenue and the chance to focus on the long term.

Solution providers who have given up reselling hardware cold-turkey love the ballsy, swashbuckling image that comes along with taking that risk and emerging victorious.

Here's How Resellers Can Overcome CIOs' Fear Of New Technologies

Larry Chaffin

A major hurdle tech trendsetters must overcome in order to establish themselves in the market is fear. Fear of change is common, and the resistance to change is the standard operating procedure for risk-averse organization.

A mistake new technology companies often make, though, is targeting the wrong person. We think that resistance to change will come from the top, from the CEO who just doesn’t understand technology.

DiSano At BoB Conference: Big Change Still Requires Intense Focus

Dan DiSano

When Axispoint CEO Dan DiSano talks about transforming his company in order to capitalize on value opportunities in the fast changing IT industry, it sounds familiar to Kelly Ireland.

Ireland, CEO of Washington-based CB Technologies Inc., also brought her firm through a major transformation in order to emphasize services and value, and she hasn't looked back.

Venero: Change Culture To Build Long-Term Relationships

Bob Venero

Solution providers can be tactically strong, but strategically weak, and the difference isn't necessarily obvious on balance sheets or sales charts.

For Bob Venero, president of FutureTech Enterprise Inc., a strong, long-term strategy depends upon a solution provider's ability build relationships and earn the trust of its customers.

Build trust with clients and expand your business by deepening expertise in IBM Software

During the 2nd half of 2013, Hurwitz & Associates interviewed IBM Software Business Partners to ascertain what factors they attributed to their success. What we discovered was that amongst other elements, successful Business Partners leveraged IBM’s software certification and accreditation programs as a way to build and expand their businesses.