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The 5 Pricing Myths Tech Firms Must Overcome Now

Stop leaving money on the table.

When executives in enterprise technology industries think about trying to get a price premium for their products, they often throw in the towel before the fight has begun. Five myths, in particular, have become ingrained and, as a result, many tech firms leave money on the table.

Creating a Motivating Sales Compensation Model to Drive Recurring Revenue

Creating the right sales compensation model that is fair and fosters the right behavior within a sales organization is not easy. Organizations struggle with finding the right balance for their team while serving the corporate objectives of the organization.

Education Is Key To Selling To CMOs

Solution providers are clamoring to sell to CMOs, but the often tense and confused relationship between marketing officers and CIOs makes it hard to figure out exactly how.

In a recent research report, Forrester and Forbes culled survey data to find that CMOs and CIOs have made little progress toward forging a truly collaborative relationship.

Cloud Integrators Hone Industry Expertise For Edge

If your cloud business practice isn't blending vertical market know-how with technical savvy, it could be missing out on mission-critical projects in financial services, retail, health care and other key sectors.

As more businesses trust mission-critical applications to software as a service (SaaS) or private cloud infrastructure, many cloud integration pioneers are talking up industry expertise as a go-to-market differentiator.

Always Be Closing, But Without All The Pressure

There's a certain art to selling, a delicate balance between the need to build relationships and the urge to blurt out some cheesy Retail 101 closing line while shoving a contract across a prospective customer's desk.

But armed with the right documents to support your pitch, an arsenal of to-the-point questions and go-to answers, any solution provider's sales team should be able to both increase sales and build a long-term client base.