5 Ways To Close Emails To Sales Prospects

Let's face it, a lot of business is done by email these days, from first sales pitches and introductions to final deal closings. And every email can help to move a deal along – or lose it completely.

And yet many business people communicate with prospects and customers via email in ways they wouldn't dream of doing face-to-face. Where a business owner or sales representative would be polite, helpful and eager-to-please in person, emails from those very same people can be brusque and unaccommodating.

Emails, it seems, are too often viewed as little more than transactional communications, rather than an important tool to cement a relationship with a new customer.

In a blog posting this week, Inc.com contributing editor John Brandon provides five statements that he says are effective ways for businesses to close out sales emails. If you use email to regularly communicate with your customers, consider these:

1. "We would be ecstatic to have you as a customer." Some may see that as over-the-top. But Brandon says it makes clear the sender is in pursuit of the recipient's business and wants it very badly. And what customer doesn't want to be wanted?

2. "We look forward to meeting your every need." While Brandon acknowledges that it's not really possible to meet a customer's every need, this closing signals that a business is willing to work very hard to resolve any and all issues.