How A Small Market VAR Went From Zero To $4M In Four Years

Every business prioritizes different things. For Wade Danielson, those priorities are focus, market need, sales and hiring.

Danielson is the founder and president of Guardian Network Solutions, a Fort Worth, Texas-based security VAR. After starting the company on his own in 2010, he has grown it to $4 million in revenue in just four years, and is expecting to hit $6.5 million in 2015.

The company specializes in just three fields, antivirus, backup/recovery and firewall, and that focus is what Danielson says gives his business an advantage.

"Only selling those three types of products helps us gain expertise," Danielson said. "I think the customers appreciate it because we’re not trying to sell 95 different products with all these bells and whistles that they don’t necessarily need. We’re just trying to sell the products that the customer needs."

Danielson says many of his small business end-users say it takes over a week for them at times to get a quote from larger solution providers, but his company’s trademark is that if it doesn't get a quote out within 20 minutes, it's not doing its job right.

"The whole company focuses on the very small business market (VSB)," he said. "No one really goes after the VSB. Everyone wants the mid-enterprise level deals. But we found that market was extremely neglected a lot of times by the manufacturer of a product, by distributors and absolutely by the VARs. We decided to dive in and take care of that segment."