A Fantastic Fiscal Year from our Partners

The theme at this year’s Cisco Partner Summit 2014 was Amazing Together. We chose that theme because we understand just how important partners are to all our success here at Cisco. We really are amazing together and the proof of what we can accomplish, and where we can go together, is certainly there when you look back at this past fiscal year.

CompTIA’s Managed Print Trustmark Helped MPS Supplies Network Create a Complete Chain of Competence

When Supplies Network opened in 1991, the business functioned solely as a wholesale distributor of computer and imaging supplies. As competition heightened and its customers demanded a more comprehensive menu of services, the company evolved into a managed print services (MPS) provider, with the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark playing a role in its success.

The (Cyber) Storm is Coming. Are Your Clients Protected?

IT security, a.k.a. cyber security, is the pressing topic on everyone’s mind — from the board of directors to the IT tech. Every day headlines scream about sophisticated new attacks on major websites, media, and tech companies and new data breaches. If you search the web for IT security, Google returns a mind-blowing 392 million results.

How Do You Define Value: Traditional Backup or Business Continuity?

You’re on the right track starting with backup. Every business today should have some type of backup product in place, and most businesses are familiar with it in general. But, you knew a “but” was coming, while backup is necessary, is it enough? Is it enough for businesses to protect themselves against costly downtime? And, is it enough for you to ensure recurring revenue. Quite simply, no.

The Alchemist: The power to blend art with science in a way no one can ignore

Marketing super powers like those possessed by The Alchemist are required to keep up in our industry. With the ability to “blend art and science” you can define your strategy and objectives by aligning organizational goals and positioning your brand to aid in new customer acquisition, gain new market share and tie in directly with the revenue generation marketing goals I defined in my previous blog series.