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What to Do When the Customer is Not Right

Here’s a great question posed recently by a Datto Partner, ThinkGard, to their customers, “Is IT running your business?” We’ve all talked about the connection of IT value and business value, but this is a new approach. And when the customer replies that everything is “OK”, is that the end of the conversation? How far can you really push a customer? Aren’t they always right? Below is the original article

How Do You Define Value: Traditional Backup or Business Continuity?

You’re on the right track starting with backup. Every business today should have some type of backup product in place, and most businesses are familiar with it in general. But, you knew a “but” was coming, while backup is necessary, is it enough? Is it enough for businesses to protect themselves against costly downtime? And, is it enough for you to ensure recurring revenue. Quite simply, no.

A Leading Not-for-Profit Nearly Lost it All

The home page of Junior Achievement of New York (JANY) states it “Teaches Young People About Money Management and How Business Works”. Well, JANY nearly learned the ultimate lesson in both when they experienced catastrophic system failure. And what’s worse? They and their Managed Service Provider (MSP) did all the right preparations!