Dive into the Data Lake

No matter how many times I see the numbers, I’m still blown away by the projected growth in unstructured (aka “Big”) data: from 4.4 zettabytes last year (just writing “zettabytes” is a statement in and of itself!) to 44 zettabytes in 2020, according to IDC. That means it’s going to double every two years.

Is Ransomware poised for growth?

Trends are complicated things. Consider, for example, the threat often called Ransomware. In our annual Internet Security Threat Report, all signs were that it was following a steady growth path which would continue into 2014. However, more up to date intelligence (as documented in our May 2014 Intelligence Report) suggests otherwise. It remains to be seen if the threat is cyclic, so we shall continue to watch with interest

Managed Services Defined: How the MSP Partners Trustmark Helps Companies

John Tippett, chief operating officer of EDTS, which provides managed IT and security services to clients in the southeast U.S., can’t imagine his company not earning CompTIA’s MSP Partners Trustmark. “How could a company like ours that says that we’re here and we participate and follow industry standards not pay attention to something like this?” he asked.

Gameover’s back from the dead? Why law enforcement couldn’t kill it

In June, law enforcement in the U.S. knocked out the command and control servers of the Gameover malware that compromised thousands of PCs all around the world. Gameover, developed by hackers using source code from the Zeus family, was particularly effective at spreading the Cryptolocker ransomware that infected so many people in the U.S. and UK last fall and held their files to ransom.

Earn loyalty from customers by learning their technology needs and giving them what they want

Our customers depend on Dell Rugged Solutions to deliver the elite computing performance they require to complete mission critical tasks in harsh work environments. If our technology fails, they fail. Our products need to be just as dependable as the customers we serve: be they military, first responders, service officers or adventurers.

All That Glitters Is No Longer Gold – Shylock Trojan Gang Hit by Takedown

An international law enforcement operation has struck a major blow against the gang behind Shylock, one of the world’s most dangerous financial Trojans. The takedown, which was led by the UK National Crime Agency, resulted in the seizure of command and control (C&C) servers, in addition to domains that Shylock uses for communication between infected computers.

Secret Formula for Success: Leveraging Promotions for the Win-Win

Last Saturday, I spent a few hours scouring department stores for “that just right pair of black flat shoes” needed for an upcoming networking event. On the third stop, there was a large sign reading “Buy One – Get One Half Off”. Now, I didn’t NEED two new pairs of shoes, but after finding those black flats and a pair of sandals, you would have been hard pressed convincing me otherwise. And when I saw the same offer on workout socks, I felt like I had won the shoe shopping lottery!