IDC Market Spotlight: Using Cloud Backup and Recovery Services to Achieve Different Business Outcomes

By Zaid Rasid

Did you know that the cloud backup and recovery services market exceeded $2 billion in spending in 2013 with double-digit revenue growth? Cloud backup and recovery services present a strong growth opportunity for service providers in 2014, including increased customer satisfaction, revenue, differentiation and/or market expansion. It can serve as a core business model or be complementary to a broader range of cloud services.

IDC published a report that details the strategies that cloud service providers should consider to grow their business.

If you’re a cloud service provider make sure to check out the report to learn the following:

  • Strategies as a cloud service provider to enjoy more successful business outcomes including stronger customer satisfaction, financial results, differentiation, and/or greater market expansion.
  • How one Asigra service provider increased its cloud services revenue by nearly 50%
  • Four primary reasons organizations are embracing cloud backup and recovery services
  • The three unique types of cloud service provider strategies
  • Why overwhelming data growth requires a demand for cloud services
  • The benefits of offering cloud backup services
  • The three overarching business models to be considered by cloud service providers and why different cloud service providers have different go-to-market strategies

Download the full report here:

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