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The many benefits of taking customer relationships to the next level

In addition to their deep knowledge of technology to enable our customers to be productive in some of the most difficult environments on the planet, our Dell Rugged Solutions team has an unexpected expertise. They could write a definitive guide to airports and rental car agencies across the country.

Earn loyalty from customers by learning their technology needs and giving them what they want

Our customers depend on Dell Rugged Solutions to deliver the elite computing performance they require to complete mission critical tasks in harsh work environments. If our technology fails, they fail. Our products need to be just as dependable as the customers we serve: be they military, first responders, service officers or adventurers.

Your technology solutions can impact new customers outside of your bread-and-butter industries

The Dell Rugged team has been blessed with longstanding customer partnerships in industries that require elite computing performance in harsh working conditions—from frozen tundra to acrid desert. Our military and first responder customers depend on our technology for mission critical actions.

Best in Breed Technology: Today’s “Rugged” Computing Means Performance—Not Just Taking a Lick

Everyone’s had a day at the office when they wanted to knock their computer off their desk, but for field workers in a growing number of industries it’s actually the “office” that knocks their computer down…or keeps it in arid or frigid conditions…or blasts it with water, sand and dust.