Dell Rugged enhances in-car solution for police officers

Police officers play a critical role in ensuring our safety, which is why it is so important that they have the latest technology innovation to help them with their core responsibilities; to serve and protect.

I recently had the opportunity to spend time with two of the top public safety agencies on opposite coasts.  Both agencies had similar needs with regards to providing their officers a seamless in-car computing solution providing enhanced ergonomics, safety, increased productivity, and maximum reliability so officers could focus on their top priority, protecting citizens.

These public safety professionals looked to Dell to help address their needs with a system that could be effective in both rural and urban environments.  Our Dell Rugged solution was the perfect fit, which includes Dell Latitude 14 Rugged, Latitude 14” Rugged Extreme and Latitude 12” Convertible Rugged Extreme.  Features such as industry-leading outdoor readable display and RGB backlit sealed rugged keyboard, and the 4th gen Quad-cool thermal system, combined with the officers hands-on testing, helped them decide on Dell Rugged.

Dell’s Rugged portfolio could also meet the varying demands of the two different environments for patrolling. The rural agency deployed the Dell Latitude 12” Rugged Extreme notebook with a traditional pedestal mount in the police car allowing officer to routinely take their rugged notebooks in and out of the patrol car.

The urban agency had different requirements regarding officer ergonomics and space constraints.  Their officers also very rarely removed the device from the patrol car, so they elected to go with a Dell semi-rugged notebook and mount the device in the trunk of their patrol cars with external monitors and keyboard in the cab.

It’s great to see how Dell Rugged technology can enhance an area as important as public safety and help police officers focus on their larger priorities. We look forward to continued innovation in this area, especially with our industry partnerships, including Havis mounts and Utility in car ‘rockets’ to provide solutions adaptive to our public safety professionals.

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