IBM Cloud Services: Infrastructure as a Service for Your Clients’ Business Challenges

The cloud. Cloud computing. Born on the cloud. Saved in the cloud. Backed up to the cloud. Security in the cloud. Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Software as a Service. SaaS. Platform as a Service. PaaS. Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS. Infrastructure. Bare metal servers. Virtual servers. Pay for use. Self service.

Symantec Mobility Suite 5.0

Today mobility offers ‘any device, any time, any place’ productivity, appealing to both enterprises and employees. However, that flexibility comes with challenges – protecting corporate data on devices, separating personal and corporate information, managing diverse operating systems, and preventing devices and apps from becoming another attack vector.

5 Ways Marketing Enablement Benefits the Channel

In my last blog Why Marketing Enablement for the Channel, I discussed the importance of incorporating marketing enablement into a channel strategy. Many companies have begun to recognize enablement as a key function to help with the flow of information. This flow is critical as the relationship between a vendor and its channel partners can be a delicate one. Channel partners are an extension of the vendor’s marketing and sales force and, in most cases, a serious source of revenue. Marketing enablement, like sales and technical enablement ensure partners have information in a timely manner and that they feel part of a vendor’s trusted circle. But the benefits go beyond just information flow. Below I discuss five ways marketing enablement benefits the channel.

Customers new to the cloud? Try presenting business — not IT — solutions

Customers looking to move to the cloud often start by asking their channel suppliers to simply move one or more applications to the cloud. In other words, they view the cloud as a technology solution. Fair enough. But there’s a much better way to get customers started in the cloud: by asking them to describe the business problem they’re trying to solve and determining whether the cloud is a good fit—and for which applications, systems and data sets.

5 Essential Factors to Consider When Transitioning to a Cloud Services Model

As more and more organizations want to rent rather than buy technology products, you may be considering transitioning to a cloud services business model to meet customer and market demand. If you are a “born in the cloud” services provider, you have probably already implemented these practices for success.

6 Best Practices for Hiring Successful Salespeople

Hiring successful salespeople is never an easy task because you are interviewing people who excel at selling themselves. As an employer, your goal is to get beyond the applicant’s charm to discover the person’s job experience and quality of performance. You want to hire the best sales person for the job -- not the friendliest, funniest or best dressed.

Connecting the Dots: Why You Should Sell Key IIG Products

Throughout my time at EMC, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of you about your opportunity for growth through our expanding storage and related product lines. But typically we’ve not discussed the opportunity within our enterprise content management (ECM) division, the Information Intelligence Group (IIG).