Cisco’s New IoT Specializations Designed to Help Partners’ Capture Multi-Trillion Dollar IoE Opportunity

Earlier this year at Partner Summit, Cisco announced its commitment to helping our partners capture a share of the $14.4 trillion opportunity to be created over the next decade by “connecting the unconnected” through the Internet of Everything (IoE).

What to Do When the Customer is Not Right

Here’s a great question posed recently by a Datto Partner, ThinkGard, to their customers, “Is IT running your business?” We’ve all talked about the connection of IT value and business value, but this is a new approach. And when the customer replies that everything is “OK”, is that the end of the conversation? How far can you really push a customer? Aren’t they always right? Below is the original article

Overcoming the cloud’s fear factor

Who’s afraid of the cloud? You might be surprised to hear that lots of people are—possibly even your own channel customers. What are they afraid of? Typically, it’s the unknowns. Once their data and applications are moved to the cloud, how will they know they’re secure? Is their customers’ privacy protected? What happens if their cloud provider is hacked or suffers a major power outage? And where is all that data, anyway?

Nothing beats the energy of face-to-face meetings and live presentations!

In our supervirtualized world it’s refreshing, if not invigorating, to actually meet face to face. While phones and digital communication are ultraefficient, there’s no denying the emotional power that comes from being at an event with hundreds of like-minded business people who all want to meet, learn from each other and share their ideas about the future of managed services.