It’s a New World, It’s a New Norton

Written By: Fran Rosch, EVP of Norton Business Unit

The headlines are all too familiar: “Retail Giant Reports Massive Data Breach,” “Russian Gang Amasses Billions of Web Credentials.” Despite the increase in threats, we are moving more and more of our lives on line: from sensitive health and financial data, to precious photos and daily shopping. To complicate matters, our digital lives don’t just reside on a desktop but on multiple devices and platforms. Too many of us remain vulnerable to advanced threats. If we want to free ourselves to take full advantage of our amazing digital, interconnected world, we need to secure ourselves.

With that in mind, we at Norton are making significant changes to simplify and strengthen our portfolio of security products. We are making it easier to select and buy the security products you need, and download and maintain them. As cybercriminals and the attacks they launch become more sophisticated, we’re strengthening our advanced threat protection technologies and improving performance across your Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

First, we’re streamlining our Norton product portfolio from nine products to one flagship solution:  Norton Security. Norton Security will be available with and without cloud backup and combines the functionality of our existing products, eliminating the need for you to choose among nine different flavors. Norton Security is currently in public beta and slated for general availability this fall.  As part of this change, we’ll be retiring some of our stand-alone legacy products, such as Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and Norton360.

We are also making the product itself simpler to use with dramatic improvements to the user interface.  With its improved look and feel as well as cloud-based management, Norton Security will feel much more like a service and less like the software you used to “set and forget.” And because Norton Security is cloud-based, it will be simple to add and manage new devices through your personal Norton account – just like you do on Netflix and iTunes. As an added benefit of this service, we’ll keep you armed with real-time updates on threats and tips to help ensure you stay confident and protected wherever you go.    

To complement Norton Security’s advanced security technologies, we will continue to offer an optional cloud backup feature to keep your data secure and always available. Norton Security is backed by the largest threat intelligence network in the world, and a team of passionate security experts working around the clock to monitor threats, develop and update our products. We will continue to provide the 24/7 customer support you’ve come to expect.

We are so confident in the protection and support provided as part of the Norton Security service, we are offering a 100% virus-free money-back guarantee.

One Service. Total Protection. Guaranteed.

Norton has the people, products and threat intelligence to protect you and the connections you make throughout your day.

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