Neovise Perspective Offers Cloud Backup Success for Service Providers

By Zaid Rasid

Analyst firm Neovise published a perspective report titled Choosing a Competitive Cloud Backup Solution for Service Provider Success. The report discusses the current landscape of the backup and recovery services market and how it has quickly become inundated with generic providers and resellers.  To help service providers sort through the multitude of solution offerings, Neovise summarizes strategies and suggestions in choosing the right vendor to successfully deliver backup and recovery services.

Here’s a look at what’s inside this analyst report:

  • Why outdated pricing models are pervasive in the industry and the keys to changing them
  • Why static pricing can lead to more recoveries thus increasing costs, and how to avoid them
  • How service providers can gain competitive advantages by differentiating themselves and by changing their pricing models
  • How service providers can leverage the Asigra Recovery License Model to break free from traditional pricing by decoupling backup and recovery costs
  • How service providers can pass savings onto their customers or use a custom pricing model to improve their own profits

To learn more about these insights and strategies, you can download this complimentary perspective by visiting the link below:


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