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Think GDPR Doesn’t Affect Cloud Service Providers? Think Again

Marc Sollars (pictured) is chief technology officer at Teneo, a global solutions provider and system integrator with U.S. operations based in Dulles and Richmond, Va., as well as Omaha, Neb.

If you have U.S. companies on your client roster, you may not think they’re affected by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if their businesses are not physically located within the EU. But if they do any kind of business in that region, chances are GDPR applies to them.

CRN honors six IBM executives in its 2017 Women of the Channel list

This week, CRN published its annual Women of the Channel list, and I’m proud to say that six of the honorees are from the IBM Global Business Partners organization. Two of our leaders were also named to the Power 100 list, an elite subset of the prestigious annual Women of the Channel list.

Why you need DevOps to rethink digital transformation

We are passing through many worldwide changes due to the digital transformation era. In under a decade, think how profoundly your personal and professional life has been affected by technology. The world continues to digitize quickly. Entrepreneurs who are thinking about innovation and want to develop successful digital businesses must understand why DevOps is so important to success.