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How Solution Providers Can Be Digital Transformation Heroes

What Is the Customer Thinking?

If you're working with businesses on their digital transformation initiatives, how united are they between the IT decision makers and the rest of the business?

Or, to put it differently, do executives and key decision makers get in each other's way and find it difficult to come up with one, unified strategy?

Want To Look Better To Customers? Here Are 15 New And Emerging Certifications

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to April 12.)

Where Can Partners Gain An Edge?

How many more ways can solution providers demonstrate their bona fides around cloud, cybersecurity, and big data and analytics? Vendors and third-party organizations have in recent months come up with quite a few.

10 Things Partners Need To Know About Cisco's New 'Critical' Certifications

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to April 6.)

New, 'Needed' Certifications For A New Era

Cisco's new set of "critical" certifications around application development and network programmability, which the networking giant launched this week, are designed to better arm channel partners with the necessary skills for the software-centric era.