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Dell Descending on DC for WPC

Dell and (from what I’ve heard) around 14,000 of our friends will be descending on Washington, D.C. for Microsoft’s WorldWide Partner Conference starting this Sunday. We’re going big again this year as a titanium sponsor -- hosting several engaging sessions and presenting a massive, interactive booth featuring on-site demos of our products and solutions.

3 Smart Ideas For Overhauling Contract Processes

3 Smart Ideas For Overhauling Contract Processes

No matter how much you trust a partner or customer, the days of business-by-handshake are long past. Even if it's someone or some company you've known for years, the only way to keep both sides accountable is to document intentions and obligations in writing. Here are three smart ideas for making sure everyone knows what they're getting out of a deal.

Comstor's 'Secret Weapon' Teaches Partners How To Sell To CEOs

The conversation might be changing for solution providers, but Cisco distributor Comstor is helping them talk the new talk.

For the past five years, Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Comstor has been helping Cisco solution providers overcome one of their most significant challenges: breaking a decades-old habit of selling technology rather than business outcomes.