New Updates to the Redesigned Partner Program

At Vision, Symantec’s annual user and technical conference, I had the opportunity to speak with many of our channel partners and share more details regarding our redesigned Partner Program. As Symantec continues to grow as a company, we’re planning some exciting changes.
Today, we’re unveiling 12 new Symantec Solution Competencies. These new Competencies give partners the choice to deepen their expertise in a particular solution area, or to extend their capabilities across multiple solutions for broader market traction. By achieving a Symantec Competency, partners demonstrate their insight, experience and solutions-expertise – crucial when solving their customers’ unique business challenges.
We’re also investing more in our partners than ever before. In the October timeframe, partners will have access to richer rewards, based on capability, performance and commitment to delivering value to customers. Through the redesigned Partner Program, eligible partners may receive new and enhanced financial and business benefits:

  • Partners can increase their earning potential by as much as 20% through Symantec’s Opportunity Registration Program, a benefit available to partners who achieve Principal or Expert level Competency and who first identify, develop and close incremental sales opportunities on qualifying products and services.
  • The new Growth Accelerator Rebate, available to partners who invest in achieving Expert Competencies, offers partners the potential to earn up to an 8% rebate by reaching and exceeding new business revenue targets.
  • A new Renewals Performance Incentive, which offers partners who have earned one or more Expert Competencies and who meet or exceed defined renewal opportunity targets, up to a 2% rebate on applicable total renewal business.
  • Partners who possess one or more Expert Competencies will be eligible to apply to receive Development Funds, as much as 5% for qualified Platinum tier program members.

In addition to financial benefits, all partners will now have access to a more comprehensive enablement portfolio and a host of valuable sales, marketing and technical benefits designed to help them increase customer demand and adoption, speed the sales cycle and accelerate their success. Partners who invest in achieving at least one Expert Competency can also benefit from deeper insight into customers’ buying behaviors through new Market Intelligence Reports.
We are now entering a transition period within which partners can assess the requirements and benefits associated with the redesigned Partner Program structure. We are committed to supporting our partners through this transition period, with the objective of helping to ensure that they’re well-positioned to take full advantage of a more rewarding partnership with Symantec. This is an opportune time for our partners to identify areas they wish to develop, pursue new Competencies and to develop plans for growth. I also encourage our partners to visit PartnerNet to stay up-to-date on the latest program information, and check out our upcoming webcasts and events.