VSPEX is 2 - Thanks to you!

VSPEX just turned two years old - and we're thanking our partners for helping make it the industry's #1 Integrated Reference Architecture system.

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How do you celebrate your birthday in style? How about by being the market leader? It was just two years ago that we announced VSPEX, but already it holds the #1 market position for integrated reference architectures systems. How did we get there? Well, since VSPEX is sold exclusively by EMC's partners - that's you - its actually YOU that got us there. You were responsible for VSPEX's incredible year over year growth of 471%. You were responsible for delivering VSPEX to a wide variety of customers from a coffee bean roaster to a space satellite company.


Do we feel VSPEX’s success will continue? Yes, of course. Why? Because we’re doubling down on the key factors of VSPEX success – we plan to continue to expand the choice available in VSPEX in terms of technology, use case, and size, all while maintaining VSPEX’s simplicity. And we'll continue to empower you, our partners, with new resources to speed your delivery of VSPEX to customers.


To drive the point home, we put together a quick video from EMC leadership just to say thanks - and to let you know we'll continue to provide you powerful VSPEX solutions with which to deliver IT agility and transformation to your customers. Enjoy!

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