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POLL: Which Vertical Industry Is Hottest For Sales?

There isn't an industry that hasn't been impacted in at least one way by technology over the last 20 years – and as the engine of industry innovation keeps running, there's more opportunity for impact.

From healthcare and financial services to retail and education, we've all seen businesses' push to be "faster, better and cheaper" through the use of IT products and services.

How Social Media Can Boost Sales

Social media may be an effective way to enhance your company's brand, but how much can it enhance your revenue?

Apparently a lot, for most businesses. About three of every five organizations that engage in what's called social selling reported a significant positive impact on revenue in 2016, according to data from Feedback Systems, a market research firm and consultancy.

Blog Roundup: Your Customers' IT Organizations

A critical part of the sales process for solution providers is knowing your target business, especially the critical decision makers within its IT organization – and even outside that group.

So, it pays to know how the business makes its IT buying decisions and what influences those decisions. Here are four recent blog posts from solution providers that focus on the role of today's chief information officer, the impact of "shadow IT," and the future of IT work amid the rise of robots.