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Sales And Marketing Search For Alignment

It takes a sales force to grow revenue, and a marketing team to build brand awareness and customer interest.

Today, both of those groups need to be working more in sync, experts say. That's especially true in B2B technology, with its seemingly constant state of change, as vendors keep coming out with the "next big thing" and their channel partners keep abreast of new releases.

Partner Profile: Solution Provider Makes Charity Part Of His Mission

When he launched his own company 19 years ago, Guy Baroan also wanted to give back to his community.

Today, his commitment to philanthropic causes has given Baroan (pictured), founder and president of solution provider Baroan Tech, of Elmwood Park, N.J., a chance to help others and cultivate a tighter relationship with his community, as well as other solution providers.

“Early on it was a bit difficult. It was tough to be able to donate my time,” he said.

Warranties Are Selling With Notebooks at a Consistent Rate Year-Over-Year Despite Growing Chromebook Sales

According to The NPD Group’s VAR Invoice Tracking Service, warranties remain a critical part of the notebook sales purchase. Twenty percent of all notebooks sold with a warranty attached during the 12 months ending April 2016.

Protecting Your Brand, And Determining When Rebranding Makes Sense

What's in a name?

For an information technology company today, its name – or its brand -- has to communicate something that resonates with potential customers without alienating loyal customers. The name should also reflect what your company advocates as part of its mission.

Businesses in every industry place brand management as a cornerstone of their marketing strategies, through such vehicles as advertising, content marketing and social media.
And sometimes, changing the brand may be necessary.

Samsung’s Expanded Windows 10 Pro Portfolio: Built for Speed and Portability

Today’s business customers run a hodgepodge of platforms and OSes – Windows 10, Android, Chrome, Blackberry, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and more. Mobile executives might have a Galaxy S7 phone in their pocket, an iPad in their carry-on bag, and a Lenovo ThinkPad in their check-in luggage. It’s a diversity that’s fueled largely by the increasing complexity of IT operations, the mobility movement, and the ever-more-popular BYOD trend.