Q&A With Ray Pasquale of Unified Office: Moving VoIP Into The Future

And you recently added IoT.

We took it one step further [when] I announced our Internet of Things component [beginning with Domino's.] They love it.

They're looking at that management screen, looking at how that behavior is happening in the restaurants and … now they're starting to see "Oh! I'm getting a temperature alert on freezer door number 2. But not only does he or she see that, we also send it to you [by text or email]. We don’t tell you when its broken. The goal of Unified Office is to prevent you from getting fined. (laughs) So we're having to throw food away … and so our rollout is very predictive. We'll begin to watch patterns develop, and if we see a continued violation of a pattern, then those time frames are fungible; they change. We'll alert you to say, "Look, it's store number 3 in Des Moines, Iowa. Have a look at the make-line tables. Two of them are reporting out-of-temperature range violations."

These guys are very heavily regulated. That's another thing that I discovered about this industry. … You own 150 stores, you're a $200 million-a-year business, that's a big business. These guys, everything is orchestrated, it's all process-oriented.