Q&A With Ray Pasquale of Unified Office: Moving VoIP Into The Future

How did your work with Domino's Pizza franchises begin?

Domino's found us through an intermediary that had sold them PBXs over the years. … The first group that we went to market with at Domino's that found us was [Los Angeles-based] MAR Pizza … They were 75 units back then a couple of years ago and I think they're well on the way to over 100. They didn’t believe VoIP could work. They wanted it to work; they knew that they were missing calls [for orders]. If the boys are coming over to watch the game and you can't get through, you're going to call Little Caesar's [or another pizza shop].

These guys … knew instinctively they were missing calls during peak periods. So, the first order of business was to prove to them that VoIP could work. They tried other VoIP [solutions] and it couldn't work.

For several months, we sat in LA … and [a MAR executive] said "Wow! Your stuff is working." And not only that, during that … since we're a managed service, were constantly monitoring our customers in real time.