Q&A With Scott Gibson Of Teneo: SD-WAN Is Taking Off

Do the best opportunities for the channel today lie in endpoint security, cloud and governance risk and compliance?

GIBSON: Absolutely, for a couple of different reasons. On the endpoint front, that landscape is shifting pretty dramatically to different types of solutions on how to secure the endpoint. So, we're seeing a lot of activity around that. Frankly, organizations need help and education and guidance around that, which is where we can step in to help them.

On the cloud front, clearly cloud adoption is accelerating. … A utility that we talked to a year ago  staunchly indicated that there was no way that they would ever move to the cloud. I met with them [in late March] and lo and behold, they [have] a cloud-first strategy within the organization. They're moving key applications into the cloud. They're still being cautious about it and maintaining a hybrid environment, but because of the complexities around that, the information relative to performance and security, that area is a huge area for the channel and sophisticated partners to be able to guide and mentor customers and companies in that direction.