Q&A With Scott Gibson Of Teneo: SD-WAN Is Taking Off

Focusing on the SD-WAN results from the survey, what can you say about them? Are they encouraging? Do you see this as a year in which SD-WAN will see strong growth?

GIBSON: I've been personally sceptical about the growth rate … that's been in some of the projections that have been put out in the media and … that skepticism is just a healthy skepticism based on ensuring our business is moving in the right direction.

The amount of activity that we have around SD-WAN right now is almost mind boggling to me; it seems like we have a half-dozen new opportunities every week that we're working on, and these are companies that range from very large organizations to smaller law firms. It really is running the gamut in terms of where we see the activity and the interest, and we are actively selling SD-WAN solutions and implementing them as we speak. The level of activity to me is really quite extraordinary and very, very promising in terms of the business potential. I'm very pleased that as an organization … we determined that it was really important to invest in this space.