Q&A With Scott Gibson Of Teneo: SD-WAN Is Taking Off

You mentioned wading through the hyperbole and tempering that with reality. Could you talk a little more about that?

GIBSON: Specifically, what I was referring to there was [that] there are some expressions that are out there, like "single pane of glass," where these tools promise to deliver a holistic view of the environment. However, what we have seen and what we continue to find is environments where these organizations have six or 10 or 12 different tools to monitor [and] analyze the different components of the infrastructure. So, a lot of these tools have historically promised a single pane of glass …. to work with and they don’t deliver on the promises. What we're seeing now is truly the ability to implement an integrated solution that does provide that application, network and security visibility piece into a single, very easy-to-digest dashboard that can be consumed by different groups within the organization and tailored to their specific requirements.