Q&A With Scott Gibson Of Teneo: SD-WAN Is Taking Off

What are these next-generation technologies that are drawing all this sort of interest? Obviously, SD-WAN is one of them. What else?

GIBSON: SD-WAN is key and there's a lot of noise, if you will, around the SD-WAN space. And a lot of claims are being made, so we're able to … cut through some of the hyperbole and boil it down to reality. That’s certainly a key piece. Another area that we focus on heavily is visibility tools, so network, application and security visibility … although they’ve been around for a while … we're looking to bring all of those elements together into a single platform. If it allows companies to be much more efficient in the way that they deploy their IT resources, and … one of the main drivers and the main benefits that we see all the time is it gets the IT group aligned with the business and they're able to speak a common language. We've seen [many times when] the IT teams are providing these tools and you've got the finance group and the HR group and the lines of business are engaged with them as well. So, it brings a higher level of value than we've seen traditionally with these tools.