Partner Profile: Focus On Present, Future Helps Solution Provider's Speedy Rise

Today, many companies are finding it hard to attract technical talent without having to offer higher salaries or other financial incentives. Does Incedo find that as a problem?

Hiring technical talent is definitely challenging, not just for us. What helps … is three things. One, people want to be associated with a high-growth firm. They see the energy, they see the momentum, they want to be associated with us, with the unique culture that we're building here. The second is … we pay at market. We don't cut corners in hiring because any time you cut corners it comes back to bite you. So we focus on ensuring they get paid at the right value. The third is ... [we have a] generous stock options program that people have found interesting in addition to their compensation packages because there are not that many growth stories out there where you can see the potential of doing some wealth creation.