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2-in-1s Becoming the New Standard in Productivity Tools for Mobile Workers

Early in my career, when businesses selected a mobile computing device for their workforce, it was a simple choice of what size laptop was ideal. In today’s mobile world, faced with a vast choice of devices offering various form factors and running different operating systems, the decision is a little more complex.

Want To Hire Right? Ask The Right Interview Questions

It's a jungle out there in the job market, especially in the technology sector. The U.S. unemployment rate, which has been under 5 percent since April 2016, has offered one clear sign that the current market favors job seekers, and puts pressure on employers to make it more enticing to hire the people they want.

In fact, 61 percent of chief information officers surveyed near the end of last year told Robert Half Technology that they found it challenging to find skilled professionals.

Security Solution Providers Turn Their Focus To Applications

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to March 20.)

What's the latest trend in the security market? Solution providers and vendors are looking to position themselves to help customers secure their applications.

Andrew Howard, chief technology officer of Switzerland-based Kudelski Security, said a growing threat landscape and an expanding application footprint have laid the groundwork for increased demand for web and application security.

US infrastructure is at ‘red alert’ for hacking, James Lyne warns on the Today Show

The recent WikiLeaks drop of CIA documents has raised awareness of the reality of cyber-threats and espionage, and how digital infrastructure in America and around the world is under threat thanks to hacking attacks and ransomware, James Lyne told Tom Costello on NBC’s Today show.

How Solution Providers Can Help Customers Get the Most Out of Unlocked Devices

Smartphones and the BYOD movement have transformed the American workplace over the past decade. They’ve also shaken up the traditional IT channel, with many solution providers still working to realign their business offerings to the needs of the mobile first enterprise.

Have You Tweaked Your SEO Strategy Lately?

You can write and post a treasure trove of attractive content and post it to your website, but like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest and is not heard by anyone, can you get plenty of people to read it?

That's the challenge with digital marketing that's made easier by search engine optimization (SEO). But for as long as SEO has been around, it has changed with new rules and search algorithms that require marketers to occasionally tweak their SEO strategies.