Partner Profile: Focus On Present, Future Helps Solution Provider's Speedy Rise

Your CEO indicated to us earlier this year that Incedo may engage in more acquisitions. Where does the company see the best opportunities for add-ons?

We recently hired somebody to do corporate development [for] that. … I would say we are keenly interested in expanding in digital marketing because that gives us access to, I would say, an entirely different spend area, which is the marketing group in an organization. … Secondarily, I would say analytics and … finally, I would say to some extent [acquisitions that would give Incedo] access to specific marketplaces, [which] always remains top of mind for us because we don't necessarily believe that you can buy capabilities; you can build that more successfully in-house. But it does help if we [were to] make small acquisitions that would give us access to clients and geographies that we may not be covering ourselves.