On-Demand Webinar: Six Reasons Managed Service Providers Should Consider Asigra for Disaster as a Recovery Solution Provider

With organizations demanding faster recovery time as RPO’s and RTO’s are decreasing to meet service level agreements, as an MSP you’re looking for a solution that will suit the full scope of the business needs of your customers – a solution that has the best RTO, a solution that will lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with one comprehensive, agentless, end-to-end converged solution which offers continuous data protection and virtual disaster recovery.

Wi-Fi shadows cast by fingers could leak your password

Researchers in a team from Shanghai, Boston and Tampa recently published an temptingly titled paper about password stealing. Dubbed When CSI Meets Public Wi-Fi: Inferring Your Mobile Phone Password via Wi-Fi Signals, the paper makes you think of Crime Scene Investigation, but that’s just a handy collision of acronyms.

How to Select the Best Data Protection and Recovery Solution for Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Managed Service Offering

As you look for robust offerings to add to your service portfolio that can drive monthly recurring revenue, increase walletshare from existing customers and expand your total addressable market, selecting an end-to-end converged data protection solution that includes backup and VM replication is key to reducing your total cost of ownership.

Hybrid cloud and all-Flash take your business to the next level

Hybrid cloud technologies and Flash storage are crucial to your customers’ business. IBM’s announcement of new hybrid cloud solutions and all-Flash offerings based on our award-winning IBM Spectrum Storage family underscores IBM’s continuing commitment to delivering the best in hybrid cloud solutions for our mutual clients

Your peers transitioned to cloud. Have you?

During previous installments of the Cloud Success Blog series, we focused on many components that are necessary to make the shift to a reoccurring cloud-based practice:Transforming your technical skills, Shifting to digital marketing, Changing your team’s compensation and Implications of moving to a reoccurring monthly revenue model.

Case Study: Faster time to revenue with easy to deploy Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliance for Managed Service Providers

Cloud-based backup and recovery is the #1 cloud service for new revenue growth potential for Managed Services Providers (MSP’s). However, many MSP’s struggling with finding a way to offer this solution to their customers in a simple, quick and cost effective way due to the complex nature of the infrastructure needed for this offering.

The Value Beyond the Hype: Applying Machine Learning in APT Detection

Advanced Persistent Threats are the plague of enterprise security, crippling businesses and IT careers through costly data breaches and massive losses. They routinely evade traditional security systems and steal confidential corporate information without a trace.