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Flash Memory Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Life moves pretty fast when Moore’s Law is driving things. Computing power has increased exponentially over the past several decades, helping to deliver increased productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. Alongside the regular boosts in processing power we’ve witnessed, advances in memory and storage technologies have made it possible to harness that horsepower to create slim, light, blazing-fast mobile devices, PCs, and servers.

Samsung’s Expanded Windows 10 Pro Portfolio: Built for Speed and Portability

Today’s business customers run a hodgepodge of platforms and OSes – Windows 10, Android, Chrome, Blackberry, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and more. Mobile executives might have a Galaxy S7 phone in their pocket, an iPad in their carry-on bag, and a Lenovo ThinkPad in their check-in luggage. It’s a diversity that’s fueled largely by the increasing complexity of IT operations, the mobility movement, and the ever-more-popular BYOD trend.

Calculating the economic impact of security incidents on critical infrastructure remains elusive

With the rise of APTs and the continued interconnection of critical infrastructure business-technology systems and field systems and devices the attention toward critical infrastructure security has never been higher.

Strand Diagnostics simplifies data backup and DR using one comprehensive platform

Strand Diagnostics, a provider of identity confirmation testing services, was dealing with different backup solutions from different third-party providers to address a variety of data protection requirements. This approach was time consuming from a management perspective

Letting customers decide who really leads in cloud

When people discuss “the cloud,” what they’re really talking about is the vast landscape of cloud solutions. Today, clouds fuel apps that are touched by thousands of organizations and millions of people every day. In a lot of ways, the cloud has become the invisible thread weaving its way through everything digital, in one form or another.

Virtual Reality: You Are Here…

Although it is often best to take a skeptical view of the likely success of nascent technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) are the exception to the rule. Government, military and entertainment verticals have been trying to harness the potential of VR/AR for years. Today the convergence of technology and demand are finally coming together to create a market for mainstream commercial and consumer adoption.