4 Biggest Mistakes IT Service Providers Make

In a fiercely competitive service ecosystem, channel partners are struggling to secure their rank in the face of demanding OEMs like Cisco and Microsoft. While it’s not always easy to adapt, there’s no margin for error in a modern-day service operation. Here are four of the biggest mistakes your tech service business may be making:

What should you expect from a next-gen endpoint protection solution?

Everyone knows that traditional antivirus isn’t enough to stop today’s advanced threats, so endpoint security vendors are hoping you’ll consider their “next-gen” solutions. But what exactly does “next-gen” mean, and what capabilities should you expect?

Proof of concept research on hypervisor allows for easy encryption key exfiltration

The Snowden revelations about the interception capabilities of NSA and partner agencies have prompted infrastructure owners and service providers, along with regular users, to make sure that data flows and is stored in an encrypted form.

Delivering the promise of Cognitive Security

Securing massive amounts of data, prioritizing security alerts and detecting threats is getting to a point where human interaction alone becomes implausible. IBM has the ability to leverage learning and thinking machines that offload the daily challenges of tactical defense, and operate at high speed and enterprise scale.

Do you need to make a cloud investment?

In a few short years, cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) have forever transformed the landscape of information technology. The structural transition from traditional models of the sale of products such as on-premises software to the sale of SaaS has begun in all of the major software, hardware and telecommunications companies in primary markets around the world.

‘Is this data mine?’ How to answer this honest question in data breach verification

Established companies like LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace are being run through the mill because of old security breaches that recently surfaced on the web. From a victim’s perspective, mitigation starts with a password reset, but what’s happening on the corporate side? How should companies react in full breach era to clean up the mess and regain clients’ credibility?

Samsung, Partners Have a Battle Plan to Sell KNOX Customization

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement comes with benefits and challenges. Employees who use their personal and preferred mobile devices are likely happier and thus more productive, but managing and securing those phones and tablets requires more dynamic solutions than were necessary in the one-device-fits-all era.