How CentricsIT Curbs Hardware Waste, Helps The Earth

Is there a company that has shown shock and awe about what you have told them about re-use and how much money they can actually save for the re-use of an asset?

Absolutely! Sometimes they struggle to get a budget of a few hundred thousand dollars. And within that budget, we show up and we say "Listen. That equipment right there that you have … has value, for example, the next initiative that you're trying to work on, we can give you $50,000 for that equipment and remove everything else and get it recycled and get you all the certificates for compliance … and you have a $50,000 credit that you can use in your department for whatever you want to use it for." For them, turning what is usually an expense into a credit … is a huge differentiator for us, being not only an asset disposition company, but also a secondary hardware reseller.