How CentricsIT Curbs Hardware Waste, Helps The Earth

Talk about the business drivers and benefits.

From a business or industry standpoint, there's a strong push toward "How do we consolidate? How do we get more efficient? How do we make some better choices around that?" And with EPA standards and laws … that have gone into effect, if you are going to get rid of some equipment, what is the proper way to get rid of that?

Most of the Fortune 500 companies will not … hand it off to some local guys [who will just pick up the equipment]. They are looking for some version of … certified organizations like ourselves that have proven processes [and] that guarantee that the equipment will be disposed of in a proper fashion. So there's some social responsibility around that as far as corporate responsibility as well.

We are able to measure that and give back to organizations to where they get carbon footprint credits …  tax credits, basically … when they are working with an organization like ourselves that [is a] certified downstream recycler that is using best practices [and] that basically has a zero-landfill policy.