Midmarket CIOs: Here's How Solution Providers Can Help Us

TOPIC: Why They Might Call On Solution Providers

LANG: If you're a small business and you need help or you need parts of your business outsourced, everybody under the sun is selling stuff, and if you're not good at it, get rid of it. [If] I'm not good at doing email and that’s not core to our business, outsource it. If we don’t have a ton of security people … give it to somebody else to do. There are plenty of companies that do that stuff.

BALTZELL: It's my intention to hopefully find a managed security solution provider who can just notify us of things we've got to fix, i.e., want them to fix … Somebody said statistically [that] small companies like ours have 0.6 people allocated to security. That just means we're all sharing a hat.

Until I started my position and risk tolerance and things of that nature, I don’t know how to have a conversation with a service provider that won't do everything and I don’t know if I need that.