Midmarket CIOs: Here's How Solution Providers Can Help Us

TOPIC: Hallmarks of a good strategic partnership with a vendor or solution provider.

BALTZELL: Understanding.

LANG: I've been with big companies; I've been with small companies, and the best vendors are the ones that stick with you whether you're buying from them or not. They’ll be part of an extension of your team.

WILES: I think those are the ones who are willing to say, "Can't help you. Go here." You know they're being honest with you because if they say "I can't sell you anything," that’s not something that typically a salesman says. So, it's always good if they can be totally honest with you.

LANG: When they're an extension of your team they kind of know what you want. They act like you would.

STEINMAN: And they listen to what you need, what you’ve requested [and] are actually trying to fulfill that.

BALTZELL: Don’t sell [me] any more than what I need.