Channel Opportunity: Schools' Shift To Personalized Learning

When there's a focus on public sector technology, K-12 education usually doesn't enter into a big part of the picture. Is this a much-overlooked area for investment?

Most large K-12 organizations don’t have the sophisticated application infrastructure or physical infrastructure because they don’t do a lot with technology. It's not like a normal commercial enterprise, where you're going to have a major financial application, a major database application, and you have 200 servers doing 200 different things.

If I were giving advice to a salesperson about how to approach K-12 in the marketplace, there is an opportunity in services. There is infrastructure opportunity … from talking about things like personalized learning or student engagement or how to get better test scores, or how to help the school [to get] the teachers enabled on the technology. [That can lead to an] opportunity to provide services and security, which leads to other technology initiatives like physical security.