Intermedia's Eric Martorano On Pockets Of Cloud Resistance In The Channel

For channel partners that have gone all in with cloud, what do you see as the next phase that can help them take their business to another level?

I think most partners that have gone in are more horizontal in nature and I think [the next phase is] looking at niche vertical opportunities, where there's a significant amount of opportunity, particularly in the area of finance and healthcare and legal - those types of verticals. So, I think you'll start seeing more vertical [penetration] and offerings out there than we do today.

I think that cloud partners that have gone all in are certainly going to start expanding their portfolios, too, to include other solutions. …  I [also] think they're going to look at security [and] they're going to look at expanding their portfolios to drive greater penetration into the market and offer additional value to their customers.