Intermedia's Eric Martorano On Pockets Of Cloud Resistance In The Channel

Is there a specific conversation that you can recall with a would-be partner who was being unreasonable or was just resistant?

I haven't engaged in unreasonable conversations with partners. What I have engaged in is [conversations with] partners who I think [have] been a little more resistant because of uncertainty. Those partners are curious; they want to learn and they're listening, but I find [that] if you sit in some of these conversations and six months later you're talking to these partners and they haven't done anything, and you wonder if the message is resonating or not. I don’t think anybody is dripping sweat like 'O my gosh, what am I going to do?" because I think [their] business isn't at that point yet to where it’s a do-or-die situation.

But it's interesting. A year from now, or two years from now if this person hasn't been moving, and they start seeing customer churn at an increasing rate, they might be sweating. But the partners I've been speaking to haven't been in that situation yet.