Intermedia's Eric Martorano On Pockets Of Cloud Resistance In The Channel

Is there a lack of deep expertise in the channel about cloud? (Part 2 of 2)

I believe most partners have to make that decision and they're going to dive in and move to the cloud, which is going to reduce your churn. It's going to provide you an opportunity to scale your business and add value. And if you don’t, you're making a conscious effort to do one of two things: Either make the most out of what you've got and just downsize a little bit and continue to add your niche value, or to sunset your business over time. There are certain partners that I believe aren't in the business-building mode; they're in the maintenance mode and sun-setting mode. I think there's less of that now [in the channel] than there was but there's still that portion of the channel community that’s sitting there as well.